4 thoughts on “Death by ink”

  1. Something to think about before getting inked next time, mister. LOL

    “Think before you ink?”

    OMG, so bad.

    *stares at your arms*

  2. The headline’s an attention grabber, alright.

    I’d almost bet he was either on something or had low blood sugar or something.

    Does this mean (since I didn’t cry, pass out, get dizzy or flinch) I’m tougher than a 28 year old in Brooklyn? You may insert a ‘grrrrl’ pose here.

  3. Darkneuro, You said “insert” and “grrrrl” in the same sentence. B^)

    Ella, baby, it’s ok that you’re staring at my arms. Cause I’m staring at your… Well. You know.

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