TiVo go WiFi

A geek interlude. Because I can always talk about THAT.


A geek interlude. Because I can always talk about THAT.

So I just converted my two TiVos to wireless, using a couple of D-link DWL-122 USB wireless adapters.

Which actually turned out to be more of a pain than I expected, the TiVo setup interface is a little lame. But I got it working, which is cool. I get to remove phone lines from another thing in my world; one step closer to going VoIP.

I was expecting to be able to use the TiVo To Go feature to download stuff and burn it to DVD; but the fuckers don’t have Mac support.

Assholes. I like the product. I really, REALLY don’t like the company.

Still, this lets me xfer shows between the two machines so I can store movies on the less-used machine, and it means I don’t get the odd-hours effect of having my TiVo try to make a call on my phone when I’m on the line.

All in all, an improvement. And TiVo will get my nastygram about lack of Mac support tomorrow.


I talked to TiVo and evidently they’re tracking requests for this, but they don’t have a release date. If you’re a mac user and a TiVo owner, do me a favor and call TiVo and request OSX support for TiVo To Go (877-367-8486).

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