Le Chagrin

I just ran across what I find to be a stunning collection of artistic erotic images (pretty porn), on a Tumblr blog called “Le Chagrin”.

This site is decidedly NSFW, so don’t click if your boss is standing behind you – http://chagrin.tumblr.com/

What I like about this site – aside from just pure hotness – is that it’s a completely non-themed collection defined by one thing; beauty. Every single picture I’ve seen is artistically gorgeous. But it doesn’t suffer from the tendency some ‘artistic’ erotica sites have, of mistaking demure and soft-core for artistic; many of these pictures are profoundly hard-core (there’s plenty of fucking, plenty of pegging, plenty of cock-sucking and come). But there’s also a lot of romantic imagery; that’s one of the things I love. There are photos of couples kissing, embracing, and even sleeping.

There are images where the erotic content is implied, and many where it’s front and center. The selections below are chosen because they’re all work safe, but trust me, the first page you hit from the link above is a profoundly hot pegging image, so don’t be fooled by these.

(Thanks to the beautiful and talented Monica for sending me a link to this site)

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