7 thoughts on “Hurricane”

  1. Jeff, I really have trouble getting behnd Bryan Ferry. He always sounds liek a lounge singer to me, like, you know, Richard Cheese but without the irony. So I can’t stand that version, despite having manzanera on guitar (whom I love, particularly in 801).

  2. I understand. I just happen to like Bryan Ferry out of personal preference because he has the same vocal range that I do. 😀

    I had totally forgotten about 801. Woot!

  3. Yeah, you know, the ability to sing along with a particular artist is a big draw. B^)

    He’s just one of those voices – like morrisy – that grates on my nerves. Funny thing is, vocalists that LOTS of people find intolerable, like Geddy Lee or Gordon Gano, or Neil, I simply adore. Taste is a funny thing. There are artists we just can’t stand for no good reason. Joni Mitchell is one such for me, she makes me want to tear off my own ears, yet there’s not a think I can find to criticize in terms of inherent goodness. I just find her annoying. On the other hand, some of my favorite bands of all time (Horslips, for example) are lame, yet I love them forever.


    801 fucking rules though. One of my huge fave albums, and I only discovered it in the last year.

  4. Jesus Christ… NOT Joan Mitchell!!! Pass the freakin’ razor blade now and make sure it’s sharp!

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