HNT leg ink

It’s been a really long time since I participated in HNT (Half-Nekkid Thursday), but I figured, I might as well.

My legs, oddly, are the least-tattooed part of me. That needs solving. However, I’m having trouble deciding what to do next.

I have several ideas for smaller tattoos (pinup designs mostly – pirate wenches and hula girl, etc). I also just found this image (Thanks to the lovely and talented Merrick), which I’m in love with, but can’t quire decide where to put. On the other hand, it’s the last major empty area on me, so it’s the last chance to plan a big tattoo.

For big tattoos, I’m pondering both a major polynesian idea, and a big, classic japanese piece with classic subject matter (dragons, warriors, etc). Both would start on the though and expand down to consume most of the space on my lower leg (as much as is free).

So the first choice is, once big one from thigh to ankle, or several separate smaller pieces.

(images after the cut, click images to embiggen, if you realy want a close look at my legs)

IMG_7930.jpg IMG_7931.jpg
IMG_7933.jpg IMG_7932.jpg

(the leg we’re discussing its the right one, the one with color tattoos, not the left)


One thought on “HNT leg ink”

  1. If they were my legs, I’d continue the Polynesian theme on the left and traditional Japanese for the right. On the right, I’d do the big piece, but I’d ‘fill in’ with the smaller pieces (flowers, anyone?). Same on the poly side, but I think the contrast of the single color for the Polynesian with the subdued rainbow of the Japanese would be an excellent juxtaposition. If they were my legs.
    Speaking as an artist, knowing you want either traditional Japanese or Polynesian, I could see the tail of a water dragon between the fish and the flaming card…wrap tails and water trails around the top of the ankle, continue it up in an ‘S’ to wind up on the front of the thigh/hip area. Another ‘easy to see’ would be a tiger, too, although I personally am more drawn to the demonology of Japan.
    IMO, putting Polynesian onto the right leg wouldn’t really ‘fit’, not with the existing.

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