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I spent far too much time this weekend in tropical fish stores.

After years of down-sizing my tanks, I got fed up with the one little tank I have. So I did the typical thing, and shopped myself up, and up, and up, and by the morning I was just about ready to drop the better part of two grand on a 75 gallon hex tank with furniture quality stand, high-end lighting and a built in wet dry system.

And then I thought about the tattoos I could spend that on.

I’ve been doing that see-saw for a couple weeks, trying to figure out how to get the fucking thing without spending a stupid amount of money. But after finding an amazing new fish store in San Jose (King Aquarium, which was, amusingly, in a shopping center along with ‘king eggrolls’ and ‘king cigarettes’), I was in full on fish-geek mode.

I’d settled on a hex tank because I have a space in my living room where one fits exactly; no wall space for a big tank, and the viewing angle winds up poor if I put up some flat thing. But they haven’t gotten any cheaper over the years, and oddly, the stand was going to cost me twice what the tank would.

I’d pretty much talked myself out of my own price range though.

Then I want back to what started me on this silly idea. I just wanted a slightly bigger tank than the 20 gallon hex I have now, and an inexpensive 47 gallon tank in sort of a tall cube configuration I’d seen at a local pet super-emporium would work. But the tanks, on special a couple months ago, were all gone from my local store.

Today, it occurred to me to just, you know, call the other branches.

I wound up with the tank I really, originally meant to buy, for only a little over $200 including stand and filters.

Sometimes things just work out of you hold off pulling the trigger.

Now, my living room is a jumble of fish tank parts, and I have to figure out how to migrate existing livestock and gravel while (hopefully) not killing anything (which won’t be too hard given the sheer number of fish tanks – both mine and my friends – I’ve moved over the years). But I’m looking forward to a tank full of bright, small fish again, which I haven’t had for quite a while.

I miss the tanks. I once had nearly twenty of them. I just don’t have time for much of the hobby that supports it. One tank though – well, I seem to be able to manage that.

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  1. Good shopping save 😉
    It’s pretty firm I’m getting my gun at the end of the month (free paycheck ^-^)… This is why I’m not buying slipcovers and bookshelves.

  2. Sometimes things just work out of you hold off pulling the trigger.

    I keep telling myself this, and it’s true, but my trigger finger has a will of its own.

    I love fish — what kind you got?

  3. Twenty?! Good god man, that’s insane. But… I totally want to do it. Largest tank I’ve ever had is/was 20 gallons, most at a time was four. We just set up the 20gal in this apartment a few weeks ago and damn, I SO did not realize how much I missed it! Fishies rule. 😀

  4. Merrick my sweet, you’re right, that’s insane, but I’m nothing if not that.

    I’ll tell you though, other than when you get over a hundred gallons or so, bigger tanks are in fact easier to take care of than little ones ’cause they’re more stable; larger the tank, generally, the smaller the percentage of water you need to change as long as you stay on schedule.

    My problem is simply that I can’t stay on a tank maintenance schedule, which is why I pay a girl to do that part for me. Well, that, and because I like watching her clean my tanks. B^)

    The new tank’s almost together. Pictures soon.

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