Dâr Durbatulûk Loves Me

For some reason i’m gettin’ a mess o’ hits from the Dâr Durbatulûk forum.

But of course I can’t see what they’re saying ’cause it’s members only and I can’t find a way to register. So if one of you lovely Dâr Durbatulûkians would care to hip me to what’s been linked (and what vile things are being said), I’d love you long time.

8 thoughts on “Dâr Durbatulûk Loves Me”

  1. Heh, WoW. For the Horde!

    Even if you did note the “register” link in the top right corner, there’s a chance they wouldn’t allow your account, given that you aren’t in the guild. We guild forum administrators are picky bitches like that — someone from the alliance could read our raiding schedule and come gank us! Terribles!

    Your best chance is probably to get in touch with a moderator or administrator… there’s probably always one logged on (it’s a huge guild!)

    Ah, WoW guild websites, talking about the most random things for the most amusing reasons.

  2. Oh yeah. My bunk.

    I woulda said that to begin with but sometimes people have wondered how my brain could have even learned human speech.


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