Getting Huge

Well, I learned something about WP reader – that is, there’s no such thing as deleting a post from it.

No change to draft, no remove, no make private; it’s write only.

So a post I wrote last night about weightlifting will be forever in that feed, or at least, forever until WP decides to roll off old things.

The post I wrote was a late evening ramble, not ever getting to the point I was intended to make. It’s been pulled down ’til I have time to fix it. It will then go back up in a different form (or maybe fuck it, thrown away and started over, or something).

I’m posting THIS, using same title, so at least the stupid link posted to WP reader will lead somewhere, but, not to anything good. But hell, if you got here, go read my writing, click like, and GIVE ME FEEDBACK because I live for that shit.