At some point they should start to rub off a little

Thanks to prodding from the Chin Music Press folks, I now have a real live Author Profile at Goodreads. Actually I’ve had it since around the time Where We Know launched at the beginning of 2011, but I just went over to update the picture and a few publications. And I filled in the Influences section.
And I know you’re thinking “Ya right. Carver? Nick Flynn?” Like at some point their influence has to show, right? It’s hard to write them down without sort of feeling a little, I don’t know, pretentious. Presumptuous. Something. To think that if I don’t actually place myself in the same circle as these writers, that I am at least aiming toward the general part of the universe where they live. Come on, Ray.
Thing is, it may not show in my writing. Yet. It may never show. But these are the writers who I reach for when I’m stuck, when I can’t remember how to work this thing and I need to be reminded. These are the writers who, when I read their work, sometimes it’s all I can do to not drop the book and start furiously scribbling my own stories.
Influences? Maybe a reach. Inspiration? I’ll take that.

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    Something can be an inspiration without being visibly so, I think. You don’t have to sound like Bukwoski to be influenced by Bukowski (and really, who else would want to sound like Bukowski, apart from Ray Carver *doing* Bukowski).
    If our influences are too obvious, it starts to feel like we’re aping someone else’s voices.

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