NabeWise, American idiots, and Katrina Rage six years later

Got this in my email:

Dear Ray,
I’m reaching out to you regarding one of your photos. We’re building a website,, that helps people who are moving figure out the best neighborhood for them.
We’re working on compiling the best visuals for the New Orleans area right now, and I’m writing to ask if you’d be willing to let us use one of your photos of Village de L’Est on NabeWise and our partner sites.

Village de L'Est

We’ll give you attribution and you’d gain some exposure from the ever-growing traffic on our site.
We are a bootstrapped startup, so unfortunately we do not have any money to pay. We are just calling on photographers who have great neighborhood shots and want to get their names out there or just want to share their work. If you are ok with us highlighting some of your work please let us know. We hope to hear from you!
Katie Przybylski
Senior Editor

And this, my lovelies, is the photo they wanted to use. Taken on August 18, 2006, less than a year after the storm:
Village de L'Est
This is my response. I’m cranky today and got my WWAD on:

You must be out of your fucking mind. Did you look at that photo? Did you look at the date? Does “Hurricane Katrina” ring a bell?
Do you see the X painted next to the door of that house? It was painted by Search and Rescue teams looking for bodies. That “0″ at the bottom of the X means that they searched the house and did not find any dead bodies. And you want to use it on a real estate site?
In case you were wondering, here’s a map of where more than 1,000 of those bodies were found after the storm and were still being found a year later when I took that picture:
If you’re wondering where Village de L’Est, it’s on the upper right. Count the dots. Those are dead people.
You do not have my permission to use this or any other photo of mine.
Good luck on your “bootstrapped startup.” You’re going to need it if this is what you think startup execution looks like.

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